Adolf Dauthage

Adolf Dauthage (* February 20, 1825 in Vienna, † June 3, 1883 in Rust bei Wien ) was an Austrian lithographer.


Adolf Dauthage came from a humble background ( son of a Spengler ) and was originally intended to take up the profession of a gilder. After terminating his studies at the Vienna Academy, he worked for four years in the studio of Josef Kriehuber. Like this, he worked primarily as Porträtlithograf. He enjoyed in Viennese society, whose members he portrayed in individual leaves and whole series, very popular (Joseph von Hammer- Purgstall, Franz Grillparzer, František Palacký, members of the Academy of Sciences, famous actors ). ( 1865 ) The works of the late period, probably under the influence of photography, lost a lot of expression and character.