Adolf Grabowsky

Adolf Grabowsky ( born August 31, 1880 in Berlin, † 23 August 1969 Arlesheim, Switzerland ) was a German conservative scientist, professor of political science at the University of Marburg and editor and co-founder of the Journal of Politics.

Before the First World War he was close to the German youth movement and in 1913 was on the Hoher Meissner. He tried to establish in the framework of the Free Conservatives a reform conservatism in Germany. In 1917 he was involved in the founding of the People's League for Freedom and Fatherland, which should act as a counterweight to the extremist German Fatherland Party.

Since 1921 he was a lecturer in the history of ideas politics and foreign policy at the German University for Security Affairs in Berlin. He was released in 1933 and emigrated in 1934 in Switzerland, where he taught at the University of Basel. Since 1950 he was a professor in Marburg.

Writings (selection )

  • The social-imperialism as the last stage of imperialism, Basel: World Polit. Archive 1939
  • The policy: its elements and their problems, Zurich: Pan -Verlag, 1948
  • Policies in the plan, Freiburg / Frankfurt aM: Dikreiter, 1952
  • Space, the state and history: the foundation d geopolitics, Cologne / Berlin: Heymann, 1960.