Adolf Heyduk

Adolf Heyduk (* June 6, 1835 in Rychmburk; † February 6, 1923 in Pisek ) was a Czech poet and representative of the Májovci.

Heyduk studied since 1850 at the secondary school in Prague, since 1854 Technology in Brno and later the same subject in Prague. In 1859 he finished his studies and went as a teacher at the Prague junior high school, left this back in 1860 and became a private teacher for drawing and construction in the higher secondary school in Pisek.

In 1876 he took a position on the first secondary school in Prague and became chairman of the Umělecká Beseda. But a year later, he returned to Pisek and married.

He had a strong bond with Slovakia, where he had many friends, he visited often.


He wrote about sixty books of poetry, but most are little known. Typical of his work is the Liedvers, many of his poems were set to music therefore. His topic was often the South Bohemian and Slovak nature and love for his wife and children. Until the death of his two daughters, his works are full of optimism, then pessimistic and sad.


  • Poems - Básně - his first collection, with a poor rating by the critics, but not readers.
  • Bitterwurz and heart leaf Hořec a srdečník
  • In Security - V zátiší
  • Scattered Leaves - Zaváté listy - belongs together with the slipstream (V zátiší ) his best works. Written after the death of his daughters. Sad thoughts with recollection and present.
  • Vlnách Na - In Waves
  • Hodince Na černé - On little chat
  • Cymbal and violin - cimbal a Koncert - In this work he describes his love for Slovakia. In addition to the Czech language he uses Slovak expressions. Poems full of melody reminiscent of Slovak folk songs. They usually describe nature.
  • Forest Flowers - Lesní Kvítí
  • Jan Krejčí - Za Janem Krejčím - In memory of the Czech geologists January Krejčí (1825-1887), who fought in his political work for the official use of the Czech language in Bohemia.


  • The Woodcutter - Dřevorubec
  • Grandfather's legacy - Dědův odkaz
  • Bird motifs - Ptačí motivy

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