Adolf I of Holstein

Adolf I of Schauenburg and Holstein ( * before 1106, † November 13, 1130 ) was Edler von Schauenburg and Count of Holstein and Stormarn.


Adolf I was probably in 1106 Edler von Schauenburg (now Schaumburg at Rinteln on the middle Weser ). 1110 he received from the Saxon Duke Lothar of Süpplingenburg as a fief the counties of Holstein and Stormarn, which also belonged to Hamburg. The victories castle, which had on the top of Alberges ( the limestone ), in today's Bad Segeberg, Duke of South Jutland Knud Lavard be built, let Adolf tear down 1130.

With Adolf I. the Schauenburger came to Nordelbien where they ushered in Wagrien a first chapter of German Ostsiedlung under his son and his grandson with the same name.

The rule of Adolf I. was during his reign on extremely shaky ground, since it was on the one hand no extensive Lehnsmannschaft available and on the other hand, confronted him, the powerful and self-confident nation nobility of the provinces Holstein and Stormarn from which protruded the over ground both districts as indigenous competitor.

Marriage and issue

With Hildewa he had at least two sons and two daughters

  • Hartung ( † ca 1126, possibly killed at the Battle of Kulm / Chlumec in Bohemia)
  • Adolf II (* 1128, † 1164 ), Count of Schauenburg and Holstein
  • Mechthild (* 1126 ) ∞ I. Ludolf of Dassel (ca. 1115-1166 ), Count of Dassel
  • Adelheid (* 1130)