Adolf II of Holstein

Adolf II of Schauenburg and Holstein (* 1128, † July 6, 1164 near Demmin ) was Count of Schauenburg, Holstein and Stormarn and founder of Luebeck.

Adolf II was the son of Count Adolf I ( Schauenburg and Holstein) and succeeded his father in 1130 in childhood as Edler von Schauenburg, Count of Holstein and Stormarn under the regency of his mother.

After the death of Emperor Lothar III. in 1137 gave the new king Conrad III. the Duchy of Saxony 1138 the Ascanians Albert the Bear. This lost Adolf II, as a vassal of the outlawed by Emperor Konrad Guelph Duke Henry the Proud, the counties of Holstein and Stormarn that gave Albert the Bear at Henry of Bath Wide. Adolf she received only 1142 back after King Konrad had the Duchy of Saxony the lion, the son of Henry the Proud given to Henry, and the latter re- enfeoffed him with Holstein and Stormarn and Wagrien. Henry of Bath Wide received as a substitute the newly created county of Ratzeburg in Gau Polabien; his descendants already died out in 1199.

After Adolf II was busy in his domain to promote Christian missions, in which he was supported by the missionary Vizelin. Furthermore moved Adolf colonists from his domain and from Westphalia and the Netherlands in parts Wagriens to, of Helmold of Bosau in Book I. Chapter 57 described very vividly.

1143/1144 he founded Lübeck, where he had to create a first Wallburg as wood and earth construction, which was in 1143 mentioned by the chronicler Helmold of Bosau as former attachment Krutos. This he had to resign in 1158 to Henry the Lion, as he had excited by his interference in the Danish throne disputes whose dissatisfaction.

In 1159 he accompanied the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Italy.

From the year 1143 Adolf was ally of abodritschen Prince Niklot. It was only in 1164, he switched sides and took part in the campaign of Henry the Lion against the Abodrites, where he fell in the battle of Verchen near Demmin on July 6, 1164 Vorpommern. He was buried in Minden.

Marriage and issue

Adolf II was married to Matilda of Schwarzburg- Käfernburg, a daughter of Count Sizzo III. of Schwarzburg- Käfernburg. They had only one son, Adolf III. , Who succeeded his father as Count of Holstein and Wagrien.