Adolf Just

Adolf Just ( born August 8, 1859 in Lüthorst; † January 20, 1936 in Blankenburg ( Harz) ) was a German naturopath. He was the founder of the sanatorium Jungborn at Stapelburg in Eckertal in the resin.


He began an apprenticeship as a bookseller, became ill, however, and turned in the self-study to various natural healing methods by which he was to lay practitioners. As a remedy, he recommended loam. In Eckertal 1895 he founded the Naturopathic Institute Jungborn. The most prominent patient was Franz Kafka. Just founded in 1918 in Blankenburg ( Harz) the Healing Earth Society. His main work was in India resonance, where for the establishment of a still existing natural medicine hospital in Pune.