Adolph de Meyer

Baron Adolphe de Meyer Edward Sigismund (* 1868 in Paris, † 1946 in Los Angeles ) was a French art collector, painter and important photographer of the 20th century.


Adolphe was the son of German - Jewish Parisian banker Adolf Meyer and his coming from Scotland wife Adele Watson. He took private painting and drawing lessons from the famous painter Claude Monet. His early works were influenced mainly by pictorialism. In the following years he specialized more and more in portrait photography and in 1910 he took the first fashion shoot for Vogue in Paris. Thus was Adolphe de Meyer, a pioneer in the area of ​​the later fashion photographers, since before the First World War, the fashion magazines were dependent on sketched drawings. He worked mainly in England and in America for Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper 's Bazaar.

In 1900, Adolphe Meyer married in London the divorced High Society Lady Olga di Brancaccio ( 1871-1930 ), the daughter of the Italian Marchesa di Castelluccio, and rumors the natural daughter of the Prince of Wales and future King Edward VII was by his homosexuality marriage as a " separate beds - marriage ." Shortly after the marriage was knighted Meyer III. , Through efforts of the Prince of Wales, to the Baron de Meyer of the Saxon King Friedrich August.