Adolph IX, Count of Holstein-Kiel

Adolf VII ( mildness ) (* 1327, † January 26, 1390 ) was Count of Holstein- Kiel (around 1359-1390 ) and Count of Holstein - Plön (around 1359-1390 ).


His parents were Johann III. mildness ( * ca 1297, † September 27, 1359 ) and Catherine ( † 1327 ), daughter of Duke Heinrich Glogau III. and widow of the Margrave Johann V. von Brandenburg ( 1302-1317 ). His wife was Anna of Mecklenburg -Schwerin (* 1343, † 1415) whom he married in December 1362. Adolf VII had ruled mostly in peace. The left by his father proportion of Holstein he had increased through the acquisition of Haseldorfer march that was him in 1375 and 1378 provided by the archbishop of Bremen mortgage wise, but was later not honored again and has since remained with Holstein in connection. Adolf VII died to leave on January 26, 1390 without children. Its share of Holstein Fehmarn Island was taken by Count Klaus von Holstein - Rendsburg and his three nephews in possession. The Counts of Schauenburg line also made ​​hereditary claims asserted, but were ( Neuland, rule Herzhorn ) as well as some land on the same reconciled by a sum of money and the district Nienland so different from then on, all Holstein with the exception of Schauenburg share in the possession of Rendsburger line was. At the same time on this occasion between the two lines, a contract for mutual inheritance has been completed. This was, in essence, that hereditary fall after the extinction of one of the two lines whose share with all acquired this fief and possessions on the other line and all fiefs should be acquired to total hand.