Adolph von Pfretzschner

Adolph Freiherr von Pfretzschner ( born August 15, 1820 Würzburg, † April 27, 1901 in Munich) was a Bavarian politician.

Pfretzschner was a son of the royal Bavarian captain Ludwig Carl Nicholas Pfretzschner ( 1790-1843 ). He studied law in Munich and later worked at the government of Upper Bavaria and Middle Franconia. In 1849, he joined the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance. In 1865, he was Minister of State for Trade and Public Works, 1866 in addition also of Finance. 1872 he was appointed Minister of State of the Royal House and the exterior as well as Chairman of the Council of Ministers by King Ludwig II in 1873, he was charged in addition to lifelong Imperial Council of the Crown of Bavaria. 1880 Bismarck forced his resignation as Foreign Minister and Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Pfretzschner was considered politically moderate liberal. On the day after his resignation, he was elevated to a baron. He is not to be confused with his cousin, the Kronacher banker and member of the Customs Parliament Pfretzschner Karl ( 1810-1878 ).