Adolphe de Leuven

Adolphe de Leuven Adolphe de Comte actually ribbing, pseudonym also Grenvallet (* 1800, † April 14, 1884 ) was a French theater director and librettist.


Leuven was the son of Adolph Ribbing, who together with Jacob Johan Anckarström and other conspirators in the assassination of King Gustav III. was involved from Sweden. He wrote more than 170 plays and libretti, of which particularly the opera The postilion of Lonjumeau by Adolphe Adam was known. This piece he wrote as a few others together with Léon Lévy Brunswick. Along with Camille du Locle, he was co-director of the Opéra -Comique of Paris from 1862 to 1874.

The libretto for Le brasseur de Preston, another Adam 's opera, Johann Nestroy served as the model for his Posse The dyer and his twin brother.

Works (selection)

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