The Adrar Plateau is a highland of the Sahara desert in the center and north of Mauritania.

The plateau is known for its rugged rocky hills, steep canyons and sand dunes. The largest city in the region is Atar. In the Adrar region are 27 oases with a total area of 2200 hectares, corresponding to 22 percent of the oasis areas of Mauritania. The traditional forms of economy are camel and sheep, in the oases grow date palms, whose fruits are harvested in the hottest season in July. During this time also fall under the small with 100 mm annual rainfall. In watering gardens and wet sinks ( Sebkhas ) Cereal and a limited selection of vegetables are grown.

Numerous archaeological findings indicate that the highlands was already inhabited in the Stone Age, the most significant are several stone circles around the medieval town Azougui.