Advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns are advertising campaigns of companies that offer products or services; they can be limited in time. Target of campaigns is generally the increase in sales and profit as well as strengthening the company's image and thus improving their own market position. Also, the market introduction of new products or services, promotional activities are carried out.

One advertising campaign is always based on a concept ( promotional planning). In the advertising planning the following conditions are set:

  • Advertising target
  • Advertising strategy
  • Advertising message
  • Budget
  • Measures and Media
  • Period of time

The planning and implementation can be left to an advertising agency, large companies will ensure that the in-house advertising and marketing department in charge. When implementing an advertising campaign, a number of external service is turned on. These can range from the printer via the web designer to the recording studio. Services which are, depending on the choice of media.

In the implementation of advertising campaigns one uses different ways and media:

  • Advertisements in print media
  • Radio and TV Spots
  • Brochures / Flyers / Flyer
  • Outdoor advertising ( large area / City Light / advertising pillar )
  • PR / editorial PR / PR paid
  • Cinema
  • Events / Promotions / Events / Testimonials
  • Abfangwerbung
  • Promotional Items
  • Internet advertising ( websites / banner advertising)
  • Direct mailing actions
  • Telemarketing
  • SMS / Email


Depending on the target group and alignment of the advertising campaign, use is made of individual media or a so-called media mix consisting of multiple media. Which media important practical use, depends on the / target group (s). So it makes little sense, by phone marketing Tütensuppen sell or printing machines via large area.

Design and implementation

The advertising concept sets the general framework under which all design measures an advertising campaign have to be addressed. Roughly speaking, the concept is the points consumer benefit ( benefit for consumers), Reason Why ( Literally translated: " why " ) and tone ( unusual, eg the use of stimulus words ) before.

The requirements for a successful advertising are:

  • Attention strength
  • Relevance
  • Credibility
  • Retention
  • Continuity

The more advertising these criteria is justified, the greater their chance to cause what they should bring. With the concept of a copy- strategy (Text - strategy ) you can develop an effective advertising for the purposes of these requirements. The starting point is the Copy- analysis. In order to perform an accurate and targeted copy- analysis, should the points of Copy Strategy (Consumer Benefit, Reason Why, Tonality ) is also a focus be placed on the positioning, as well as to the desired target group to be reached.

As an example, the copy strategy of an energy drink manufacturer:

  • Consumer Benefit: Physical and mental fitness.
  • Reason Why: The invigorating effect of the ingredients taurine and caffeine.
  • Tonality: Humorous, funny, witty, ironic.

The process of advertising planning and execution, after Hans Christian Weis be outlined as follows:

Upon completion of an advertising campaign is usually a campaign analysis and advertising success. Depending on these results, future campaigns can be optimized, successful campaigns are often repeated or extended to other target groups or media.