ADW is an abbreviation for:

  • Active Data Warehouse, Data Warehouse, which causes certain actions independently
  • General German weapons ring, former union of several umbrella organizations of beating student associations from 1919-1935
  • Analog -to-digital converter for converting analog data into digital
  • Andrews Air Force Base, military airfield of the U.S. Air Force in the State of Maryland and government airport in the U.S. capital after the IATA code
  • Animal Diversity Web, species directory of the University of Michigan, USA

Academy of Sciences is an abbreviation for:

  • Academy of Sciences, see, eg, Referred Academy of Sciences of the GDR until 1972 when German Academy of Sciences in Berlin (DAW )
  • Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz, German Academy of Sciences
  • Alliance of Scientific Organizations, informal network of some German Science Organisations

A d W. stands for:

  • On the wine trail
  • Outside of military service, acronym to describe a career option for a reserve officer candidate of the Bundeswehr (only in the army )
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