Adzva River

Position of Adswa ( Адзьва ) in the catchment area of the Pechora

The Adswa (Russian Адзьва ) is a 334 km long right tributary of Uzza in the north- east of the European part of Russia.


The Adswa entfließt the Bolschesemelskaja Tundra, the area along the coast of the Arctic Ocean between Polar Urals and the Pechora, about 120 km north- west of Vorkuta, which is situated in 130 m height Wanjukty Lake. It flows through large arches the tundra landscape in predominantly southwesterly direction parallel to extending between Adswa and Uzza Tschernyschow - back, first on the territory of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In the middle reaches of reaching the territory of the Republic of Komi and the northern edge of the taiga. In the lower reaches of the valley Adswa is increasingly broad and swampy. She finally ends just above the village Adswawom and about 100 km above the town Ussinsk 40 meters up in the Uzza.

The most important tributaries of the Adswa are Lyaju, Bolshaya Njadeita ( " Great Njadeita " ) and shear Njadeita from the left and from the right Chossedaju.


The catchment area of ​​10,600 km ² comprises Adswa. In estuaries near the river reaches a width of less than 300 meters at a depth of 1.5 meters; the flow rate is in this case 0.6 m / s

The Adswa freezes between October / November and May, in some years in June. The Drainage of Charuta, 46 km above the mouth of the annual average 110 m³ / s at a minimum of 2.1 m³ / s in March and a maximum of 660 m³ / s in June.

Infrastructure and economy

The Adswa is from Charuta, navigable below the confluence of the Chossedaju at 50 km. Charuta is also the only town along the river. It is located on the territory of the Republic of Komi, but belongs administratively to the Nenets Autonomous District of the. Otherwise, the through by the Adswa area is very sparsely populated, mainly by semi-nomadic reindeer herders living of the people of the Nenets.

From the town of Inta starting a winter road leads to Charuta; a year round paved road crossing the Adswa in Charuta and continue to lead in the direction of, the capital of the Autonomous Okrug Nenets Naryan -Mar is planned.