Aeolian Hall (Manhattan)

The Aeolian Hall was a concert hall on 42nd Street in Manhattan in New York. In it found 1912-1924 concerts of classical music. George Gershwin's Rhapsody composition was listed in Blue On February 12, 1924 for the first time.

Designed by the architect Whitney Warren and Charles Wetmore building was completed in 1912. It is 80 meters high and has 18 floors. The concert hall, which could seat 1100 spectators, was on the third floor of the building.

It is named after the concert hall of the Aeolian Company, which manufactured pianos and player pianos, and in 1912 moved with her business in the 18-story building. The " New York Symphony Society " decided to split their performances between the new Aoelian Hall and Carnegie Hall. In 1924 it was decided that instead of in the future Aoelian Hall in newly opened " Mecca Auditorium " occur.

When the Aeolian Company moved its offices again, they sold the building to a department store. Today the building is used by the " State University College of Optometry ."

40.754166666667 - 73.982222222222Koordinaten: 40 ° 45 ' 15 " N, 73 ° 58' 56 " W

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