Aero Boero AB-95

The Aero Boero 95 was a three -seat, single-engine school and touring aircraft. The abgestrebte high-wing monoplane manufactured by the Argentine company Aero Boero and had a solid spur wheel chassis. Construction began in 1953, but the first flight took place only on 12 March 1959. When driving an air-cooled Continental C 90-8 F boxer engine was the standard version with an output of 70 kW (95 hp).


The fuselage was a welded steel tube construction, which was covered with fabric. The tail unit was constructed the same, but had a Drahtabspannung to the hull. The airfoil composed of a light metal substructure, which was also covered with fabric. The ailerons and flaps were covered with fabric.

Possible options were a double control equipment for training purposes or a sprayer for agricultural use.