Aero - Service is a German airline based in Nuremberg and based on the Nuremberg airport.

It leads not only to charter flights in business aviation and global air ambulance transport (even with intensive care ) with air ambulances through, for example, for the ADAC. Other business areas include aircraft maintenance, the purchase and sale of aircraft and the provision and management of aircraft for business. The Company also operates at Nuremberg Airport four hangars with an area of ​​around 8,000 m².


Aero-Dienst was first established in 1958 as a service company by the defense company Diehl and the vehicle manufacturer Faun. In 1966, she was a commercial air carriers and went into the Aircraft Management. Two years later they began with sales, maintenance and chartering of Learjet, Aero - Service is the oldest provider in Germany in the field of business aviation.

Since 1975 also ambulance flights with Learjet for members of the ADAC be performed. 1989, the second hangar was opened in Nuremberg. In 1998, the ADAC new partner at Aero-Dienst.

2006, the company received a new corporate design, 2008, another hangar was built again. Since 2009, Aero - Service is an authorized Servicezentrun for jets of type Falcon 7X, since 2010 must be precision landing approaches CAT II / IIIA perform with Falcon 900EXy. 2011, the fourth hall was opened in Nuremberg and further expanded our capacities.


As of June 2013 the fleet of Aero-Dienst of 12 planes of: