Aero Minor

Aero Minor was a Czechoslovakian car brand.

Company History

The company Aero Prague since 1928 Automobile already put forth under the brand name Aero. After the Second World War, a model has been adopted by Jawa and sold under the trademark Aero Minor. 1951 or 1952 production ended after 14,187 copies manufactured. Many vehicles were exported to Belgium, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Rolling stock

On offer were small cars. For the drive was provided by a two-cylinder engine with 615 cc displacement and 19.5 hp. The radiator was mounted behind the engine. The gearbox had four gears and overdrive. Offered the model was available as a sedan, station wagon, van and Roadster. In the sports version of an engine with 744 cc displacement was used, which was also used in car races such as the 24 - hour race at Le Mans in 1949.