Aert van der Goes

Aert van der Goes (* 1475 in Delft, † November 1, 1545 ) was a Dutch politician.


Aert van der Goes was born as the son of Witte van der Goes. This was a descendant of the patrician family Delft van der Goes. He married Barbara van Herwijnen and afterwards with Margaretha van Banchem. From the first marriage of the same son Aert van der Goes was born. This was a lawyer at the Great Council of Malines. His second marriage was descended from Adriaen van der Goes, who became his successor as Dutch country lawyer, and a daughter, Genevieve. These married name with Everhard Nicolai, who later became President of the Grand Council of Mechelen.

Aert van der Goes studied at the University of Leuven. Afterwards he settled as a lawyer in his hometown down and was appointed in 1508 to Delft pensioner. In 1525 he resigned this office to can be ordered after a relocation to The Hague by the States of Holland to the new country lawyer. Van der Goes began a work on the processes at the meetings of the Dutch States-General to submit to. This work was continued by his son Adriaen and published in 1750 under the title register Dachvaerden van de Staten van Holland 's Lands. The Office of the Dutch country lawyer, he led until shortly before his death.