Aether (mythology)

Aether or ether (Greek Αἰθήρ, Aether ) In Greek mythology, the personification of the " upper sky ", which was intended as a seat of the light and of the gods.

In the Orphic hymns he is the soul of the world and element of all life. Until the Archaic period prevailed in the Greek religion from the idea that the soul ascend to the Aether, while the body is falling down in Gaia.


According to Hesiod's Theogony, he is the son of Erebus and Nyx and brother of Hemera, as in Cicero

In the cosmogony of the Orphic he is the son of Chronos and Ananke and brother of Chaos and Erebus. According to the Orphic Argonautica of chaos and Phanes. Chronos brought off the windless Aether and Chaos. Chaos, the hollow space without solid ground, and Aether parted after Phanes appeared.

In Alcman, Callimachus and Cicero Uranus goes out of him, Aristophanes, he is the father of Nephelai ( clouds).

In Hyginus he comes from the chaos and is the brother of Erebus, Nyx Hemera and. From Hemera he is the father of Gaia, Uranus and Thalassa. From Gaia he is the father of Daimones dolor (pain), Dolus, Ira (anger ), Luctus ( mourning), Mendacium ( lie), Iusiurandum ( Eid ), Ultio ( revenge ), Intemperantia ( intemperance ), Altercatio (Zank ), Oblivio ( oblivion ), Socordia ( laziness ), Timor ( fear ), Superbia ( pride ), Incestum (Lust ) and Pugna (Combat).