AFA (automobile)

Car Móviles y Aymerich Fernández was a Spanish automobile manufacturer.

Company History

The company began in 1942 under the direction of Juan Casanova and Aymerich Luíz Fernández Roca with the production of automobiles. Jaime Morera Carreró was the designer. Of 1944, the company made ​​on the Exposicià Automovil Ista Nacional. 1947 production ended.

Rolling stock

The only model based on the Nacional Rubi and was a small car with an open convertible body. For the drive was provided by a four-cylinder engine, which was mounted at the front of the vehicle. 52 mm bore and 62 mm stroke resulted in 527 cc. The power was 13 hp. The maximum design speed was given as 85 km / h.

Number of pieces

The plan was an annual production of 100 vehicles. The actual production is less. A source writes of a few prototypes, the other from a small production until 1947.

Pictures of AFA (automobile)