Afghan Premier League

The Roshan Afghan Premier League ((R) APL), also League Bartar Afghanistan, is the highest and first professional Afghan Football League. Its creation was announced on 9 July 2012. Organizer is the Afghanistan Football Federation under its president Keramuddin Karim.


The Afghan Premier League is the successor to the Afghanistan Premier League. Each of the newly founded clubs represents a region of Afghanistan in the league.

To find the players for the clubs in the 2012 season, wore the Afghanistan Football Federation together with the media group Moby Group consisting of several television and radio stations, a talent show under the name Maidan e Sabz (English title Greenfield, German, Green field ') made. A jury, which consisted of former Afghan players and coaches, participants checked for condition, game assets and psyche. At the end of eight shows, which transferred the station Tolo TV, the jury selected 15 players in the teams. The remaining three players per team were selected by SMS - tuning of the studio and television audience. However, it was argued on the selection principle, as it was called, the "can not play the best talent in the country at the end " but " above all the sons of influential families." Therefore, the SMS voting was abolished for the 2013 season.

Some of the teams are named after birds of prey such as Simorgh or Shaheen, but also names of mythological and historically significant places, mountains and rivers, such as Asmayee or Maiwand.

Mode and alignment

The first season of APL was played in a tournament from September to October, 2012. The eight participating teams - from each of the regions of the country one - played in 16 games in a group stage followed by semi-finals and final of the Afghan championship. Venue of the meetings was the Afghanistan Football Federation Stadium in Kabul. The second season was also played in a tournament, but it was in the semifinals now a round-trip round un thus 18 instead of 16 games. The league is sponsored by the telecommunications company Roshan, which is why it was called Roshan Afghan Premier League.


For the first time the games will be televised; All matches will be shown for the private broadcasters Tolo TV and Lemar TV. In addition, two of the leading radio stations in Afghanistan, Arman FM and Arakozia FM, will broadcast the games on the radio.


Participating teams of Afghan Premier League 2013 were:

  • Shaheen Asmayee, Kabul region
  • Simorgh Alborz, Northern Region
  • Oqaban Hindukush, Central Region
  • Mawjhai Amu, North-East Region
  • Tofan Harirod, Region West
  • De Maiwand Atalan, Southwest Region
  • De Spinghar Bazan, Eastern Region
  • De Abasin Sape, Southeast