Afonso, Duke of Braganza

Alfonso of Braganza (* 1377, † 1461 ) was the illegitimate son of John I of the relationship with Inês Pires. He was excluded because of his descent from the throne (his illegitimate half-brother Edward I followed the father to the throne ), but he was highly regarded at court and king.

In 1401 he married Beatriz Pereira de Alvim, heiress of Nuno Álvares Pereira war hero, whose large fortune he could have. Peter of Portugal made ​​him in 1442 to the Duke of Braganza.

Originally illegitimate sideline was always remarried in subsequent generations with the house of Avis.

From Alfons marriage the daughter Isabella, who 's married her uncle John, a younger son married Johann I and grandmother of Isabella of Castile was derived.

  • Duke ( Braganza )
  • House of Braganza
  • Portuguese
  • Born in 1377
  • Died in 1461
  • Man