Afonso II of Portugal

Alfonso II called the thickness or the legislature king (Dom Afonso II, o or O Gordo Crasso Garo O or O Rei Legislador ) ( born April 23 1185 in Coimbra, † March 25, 1223 ibid ) was the third King of Portugal from the house of Burgundy. The nickname he owes to the fact that he created the first coherent Portuguese laws work.


Alfonso II was the son of King Sancho I and Dulce of Barcelona. After the death of his father he ascended the Portuguese throne in 1211. In the same year he convened the first Nobility Assembly ( Cortes ) one after Coimbra. In its progressive laws, he tried the royal power at the expense of the nobility and the Church to strengthen what made ​​him very popular among the people, but also earned him the enmity of the Church. So he has been repeatedly banned and pointed his hand to the Archbishop of Braga in the country. With the help of the country fetched Crusaders he took the Reconquista on again and conquered Alcácer do Sal Setubal and


Alfonso II was married to Urraca of Castile, daughter of King Alfonso VIII of Castile and Eleanor Plantagenet. With her he had the following children:

  • Sancho II, King of Portugal (* September 8, 1207; † January 4, 1248 ).
  • . Alfonso III, King of Portugal ( May 5, 1217 *, † February 16, 1279 ).
  • Leonor (* 1211 - † May 13, 1231 ) ∞ 1229 King Valdemar III. of Denmark (House Estridsson )
  • Fernando (* 1217, † 1246 ), Lord of Serpa; ∞ Sancha Fernandez de Lara, daughter of Don Fernando Núñez de Lara ( Lara House )
  • Vicente ( * 1219 )

Illegitimate children:

From his relationship with an unknown woman:

  • João Afonso
  • Pedro Afonso