The Afqa Grotto, also Apheca Grotto is a cave and yet the source of the Adonis River in the mountains of Lebanon. The limestone cave is located about six kilometers from Byblos away in a several hundred -meter-high cliff. From the cave collapsed after the snow melts, the young Adonis river several natural rock steps about 180 m in depth.

According to legend, the Greek- Phoenician fertility god Adonis died at this point. This legend arose from the fact that the river once a year turns red. This can be attributed to the iron-rich rock that is washed into the rainy season from the ground.

Proved is one of the Ishtar temple dedicated entirely near the cave entrance. It was destroyed by Emperor Constantine in the wake of Christianization, but built in the 4th century under his nephew Flavius ​​Julian again. On display are some stone blocks.