Africa Alphabet

The Africa - alphabet is a Latin -based character set for the posting of African languages ​​.

The concept of this character set was introduced in 1928 by the Africanist Diedrich Westermann in London. It should be suitable as for everyday use for scientific purposes as well. A revised version was presented in 1930 by the Institute of African Languages ​​and Cultures, under the name Practical Orthography of African Languages ​​. The Latin alphabet was extended by ten characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA ), and this new upper case ( capital letters) have been developed.

The Africa alphabet has been continuously improved for the African Reference Alphabet (1978 and 1982). The additional characters are included in Unicode, thus becoming more readily available. Especially in West Africa, the Africa Alphabet is used frequently.

A font family for most and most frequently used letters of the alphabet Africa are the fc fonts.