African smoky mouse

The African smoke mouse ( Heimyscus fumosus ) is a rodent species from the group of Altweltmäuse ( Murinae ).

African smoke mice are very small Altweltmäuse. They reach a body length of about 7 centimeters, the tail measures 10 to 12 inches and weight is 13 to 15 grams. Their fur is dyed at the top in a dark gray-brown, the underside is white. Their hind legs are relatively long, the tail compared with the closely related African wood mice shortly.

These animals live in middle Africa, their range extends from southern Cameroon and Gabon on the Central African Republic to the west of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their habitat are rainforests up to 620 meters above sea level. About their life little is known.

African smoke mice are seldom seen what needs nothing said about their degree of hazard. The IUCN lists them as " not at risk " ( least concern ).

Systematically is the type of the Stenocephalemys group.