Afro - dite is a Swedish pop group and participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2002.

With her dance title Never let it go (English: Let it never go away ), the group won the Swedish preliminary decision, the Melodifestivalen. When Euro Vision Song Contest then the group reached # 8 of 24 possible. The single reached number 1 in the Swedish charts The band's name is a pun of the terms Aphrodite and African, which alludes to the dark skin of the ladies.


  • Blossom Tainton - Lindquist (vocals), (born 1962 in Stockholm) had appeared in various musicals and on Swedish television, it was later fitness trainer.
  • Gladys del Pilar ( vocals), (born 1967 in Ecuador) worked as a singer and was produced by Denniz PoP.
  • Kayo Shekoni (vocals ) (born 1964 ), in the 1980s, the singer of the Swedish pop band was freestyle.