Africa - Eurasia

The supercontinent of Africa - Eurasia, often also called Eurafrasien or Europ Africa Rhodesia, represents the largest contiguous land mass of the earth dar. The term Old World is partially used as a synonym for Africa - Eurasia, but emphasizes rather the historical and cultural relation to the geographical aspect. Africa - Eurasia is not identical to the Ostfeste; this includes Australia an.


Africa - Eurasia is composed, according to the names of the continents of Africa and Eurasia (Europe and Asia) together. In strict geographical definition of the surrounding islands, including the UK, Honshu (Japan) and Madagascar are not counted added. With an area of ​​about 85 million square kilometers of Africa - Eurasia covers one -sixth of the earth's surface and comprises well over half of all the mainland of the earth. With a population of 6.1 billion people (as of 2013) is the super continent is home to around 87 % of the world population.


As in the case of Eurasia also argue in Africa - Eurasia, many scientists, that the division of the world island was not justified and only historically and culturally determined. Traditionally viewed as the boundary between Africa and Eurasia of the Isthmus of Suez.

Biogeographic Africa is one north of the Sahara, together with North America, Europe and northern Asia for the Holarctic.


Geologically considered is Africa - Eurasia relatively young and is in its present form since about 20 million years ago. After the disintegration of the supercontinent Pangaea in the Mesozoic Eurasia belonged together with North America to the " Northern Europe " Laurasia, while Africa was part of the " Südkontinentes " Gondwana (next to South America, Australia, Antarctica and India ), two completely separate from each other by the Tethys Ocean landmasses. After the breakup of Gondwana began in the Cretaceous Africa and India to move northward and collided in the Paleogene and Neogene of Eurasia. The collision of Africa with Europe will result in about 50 million years ago to the fact that the Mediterranean closes and does a Himalayan mountain chain comparable in its place.


During World War II Africa - Eurasia was viewed by the Americans as the conquest target of the Germans. It has been argued that the " largest island in the world " could be occupied by the Germans alone and thus de facto world domination could usurp.

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