The final dike ( dutch Afsluitdijk, West Frisian Ofslútdyk ) is a barrier dam (actually a dike, the water of land separates ) at the entrance of the former Zuiderzee between Den Oever (municipality Hollands Kroon, North Holland province ) and Zurich in Harlingen (municipality Súdwest - Fryslân province Friesland). In the community Súdwest - Fryslân accounts for about 20 kilometers of the final dike, with the lying on artificial islands and places Kornwerderzand Breezanddijk. The remaining 12 km belong to the community of Holland Kroon.

The dike is 32 km long and 90 meters wide. The construction began in 1927, and the dike was completed on 28 May 1932. Exactly 13:02 clock of that day, the dike was closed and separates since the since September 1932 officially called IJsselmeer inland waters, the former Zuiderzee bay, from the Wadden Sea and is one of the main elements of the Zuiderzee. About the dike leads the four-lane highway Dutch Rijksweg 7 with a hold, tank and turning area at Breezanddijk. There is also located on both sides of the final dike ever a port of refuge. Every day, 9,500 vehicles on the conclusion of the dike (as of 2009). Additionally, there is also the possibility of concluding dike to cross by bicycle on a bike path own.

In the dike are the locks of Den Oever ( Stevinsluizen ) and Kornwerderzand ( Lorentz Luizen ), in 1940 there was a military base. This was so strong that the numerically inferior strong Dutch army could stop the aufrückenden German troops capitulated to on 14 May 1940. German commander of this campaign was Kurt Feldt. Today is a war memorial at the spot.