After Eight

After Eight (English: After Eight ) is a registered trademark of Nestlé. The original product this brand are flat, square squares of dark chocolate, filled with a peppermint -flavored fondant creams.

In England, after dinner mints or boiled sweets often, so-called passed " After Dinner Mints " to benefit from the positive effects of the mint on the digestive tract and to get a fresh taste in the mouth after eating. But 1962 was developed by the British company Rowntree 's for the English market After Eight. The name was chosen after the time at which the dinner is usually complete and mints are offered - after eight clock. Middle of the 1960s appeared the product on the German market. In 1988 the company bought the company Nestlé Rowntree 's, thus acquiring the rights to After Eight.

In 1995, the classic After Eight in the form of peppermint tablets the Pralinenmischung "Collection" added (from 2002 "My favorite "). In 2000 they created with the After Eight Santa Claus for the first seasonal product. There are now also filled sticks, sugared almonds, a gift and After Eight Lemon. Since autumn 2008, unfilled squares of dark chocolate are sold in Germany.