After Hours (Gary Moore album)


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After Hours is an album by the Northern Irish hard rock and blues guitarist Gary Moore. It was released in May 1992.


As on the previous album association Gary Moore blues standards with original compositions. During the recordings again worked with prominent musicians. So played B.B. King for Since I Met You Baby, Albert Collins can be heard at The Blues Is Alright. Five singles were released: Cold Day in Hell ( pre February 1992), Story of the Blues (May 1992), Since I Met You Baby ( August 1992 ), Separate Ways ( October 1992 ) and Only Fool in Town ( only in the USA). With number 2 in Germany and # 1 in Switzerland Moore was even able to reach an even higher chart position than with Still Got the Blues. The single Cold Day in Hell was again very successful with 29th place.


The website Allmusic wrote that the album remember the predecessor, but WOULD something calculated: "While his playing is just as impressive, the album feels a little calculated is. Nevertheless, Moore's gutsy, impassioned playing makes the similarity easy to ignore. "They forgave their rating 4.5 out of 5 Less good was the verdict in the Rock Hard out. Markus Schleutermann criticized above all, a pandering to the masses with " pompous cuddle lard " and " trendier horn arrangements ". It would remain "below the line an ambiguous impression of mainstream blues Moore - for example, in comparison to his fellow countryman Rory Gallagher - some of its credibility," take it, and it " compared to his old works such as ' Corridors Of Power 'or' Victims Of The Future ' anyway look old " could be (6,5 out of 10 points ).

Title list


  • Gary Moore - lead vocals, lead guitar and rhythm guitar
  • Will Lee, Bob Daisley, Johnny B. Gaydon - Bass
  • Graham Walker, Anton Fig - drums
  • Tommy Eyre - Keyboards
  • Martin Drover - trumpet
  • Frank Mead, Nick Pentelow, Nick Payn - saxophone
  • Andrew Love, Wayne Jackson - The Memphis Horns
  • Carol Kenyon, Linda Taylor - Vocals
  • Richard Morgan - Oboe
  • B.B. King for Since I Met You Baby
  • Albert Collins on The Blues is Alright