Aga stands for:

  • Aga ( Gera ), district of Gera
  • Aga ( Onon ), left tributary of the Onon in the region of Transbaikalia (Russia)
  • Aga ( White Elster), a river in Thuringia and Saxony- Anhalt, tributary of the White Elster
  • Aga Khan (title), part of a Persian prince title
  • Aga ( Shuicheng ) (阿嘎 乡) municipality in the district Shuicheng in the Chinese province of Guizhou
  • AGA cooker, a special cast-iron kitchen stove
  • Cane toad, a toad
  • An Ottoman title - see Agha ( title) ( today's Turkish spelling: Aga )

Aga is a surname of

  • Najib Aga ( born 1977 ), Indian judoka
  • Ruti Aga (* 1994), Ethiopian long-distance runner

The abbreviation AGA and Aga stands for:

  • Advanced Graphics Architecture, a multimedia chipset, which was used in Amiga computers
  • Aerodromes and Ground Aids, Eng. for " airport and ground facilities "
  • Androgenetic alopecia, genetic hair loss
  • Working Group Subscriber Advertising, a non-profit organization to promote fairness in representative Advertise with headquarters in Kerpen
  • Art Gallery of Alberta
  • Sales charge, eg (equity ) funds
  • The Employers' Federation of Wholesale and Foreign Trade of Hamburg eV, since 2001 " AGA Unternehmensverband "
  • The Agadir airport ( IATA code ) - see airport Almassira
  • The " General basic training " in the army ( since 2012 only " basic training ", GA ) or the Swiss Army
  • The international business hedge the Federal Republic of Germany - see Hermes Guarantee
  • The " joint-stock company for the automotive industry ", a former automobile manufacturer in Berlin
  • The "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Andernach " the mensurbeflissenen associations, an interest group of associations mensurschlagender student associations
  • The " Working Group Automation in cartography " of the German Geodetic Commission
  • The " German Speaking Association of Arthroscopy ", a society for the promotion of scientific and practical issues in the application of arthroscopy
  • " Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator ", a Swedish company, part of the Linde AG
  • "Alternative health care Artabana ", an alternative insurance concept - see Artabana

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