Agadir (Arabic أكادير, from Berber: agadir, "Memory castle " ) is a port city on the Atlantic coast in the south of Morocco, about 500 km south of Casablanca with 600,177 inhabitants ( 2012 calculation ).


Agadir was founded in 1505 by Portuguese sailors. 1541 conquered the city, the Saadian. 1911, at the height of the Franco-German tensions and rivalries to Morocco, Germany sent the gunboat SMS Panther and SMS Eber, and the light cruiser SMS Berlin to Agadir. The incident, which became known as Panther leap Agadir and almost led to a great European war, prompted France, Morocco in 1912 to explain to the French reserve ( in protectorate treaty of November, 1912, it was in the protectorates French Morocco and Spanish Morocco ( in north) divided and for more information see History of Morocco ).

On the evening of February 29, 1960 the city was devastated by an earthquake, with around 10,000 to 15,000 people died. Apart from the Kasbah (240 meters above sea level) Agadir today has therefore only a few historical buildings. Many nations helped in the reconstruction of Agadir. The Switzerland even built an entire neighborhood on ( " Swiss - quarter ").


Agadir is located in a mining area with cobalt, manganese and zinc deposits, which are shipped across the natural harbor. Tourism, fishing and fish processing and the manufacture of metal goods, in addition to mining the main industries. In particular, the tourism has been heavily promoted in recent years by targeted construction of holiday resorts in and outside the city.

The international airport Almassira ( IATA code AGA, ICAO code GMAD ) was used in 2006 by 1.4 million passengers. It also offers direct connections to many European airports.


The city is characterized in their beach-front areas of large hotel complexes and the trade in art crafts of all kinds. These local providers organize to get to know the country and people day trips, such as to Essaouira, Tafraoute, Marrakesh, Tiznit and by the mountain ranges of the Anti-Atlas and the Atlas Mountains.


There is a year-round climate with dry heat temperatures that are on average about 24 ° C. Occasionally, fresh gusts.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Françoise Castex ( born 1956 ), French politician
  • Houssaine Kili ( born 1955 ), musician


Bay and Kasbah today. The writing on the mountain is the motto of Morocco: God, Country, King ( Arab.: الله, الوطن, الملك DMG Allah, al - Watan, al -Malik )

The mosque Loubnan.

The Medina of Agadir.

Look at the Mohammed V Boulevard.