Agatha Barbara

Agatha Barbara ( born March 11, 1923 in Żabbar; † 4 February 2002) was a Maltese politician and 1982-1987 President of Malta.

Member of Parliament

Agatha Barbara worked as a teacher. After joining the Labour Party in 1946 she stood as a candidate in the parliamentary elections in 1947.

From October 25th 1947 to February 16th, 1982 she was the first female member of the House of Representatives and the only woman who was re-elected in subsequent elections respectively. In the following years she was always representative of the LP at international meetings and conferences.


In the first government of Dom Mintoff on 11 March 1955 to the beginning of the constitutional crisis on April 26, 1958 she was Minister of Education. In this office she was very keen for a permanent introduction of compulsory education. During this campaign, hundreds of teachers were hired and trained. During the constitutional crisis she was arrested for her repeated criticism of the influence of the colonial power Britain and due to strike call and sentenced to 43 days in jail.

The Office of the Minister of Education, she served again in the second cabinet of Mintoff of 21 June 1971 to 30 September 1974. Mintoff called Agatha Barbara on September 30, 1974 as Minister of Labour, Culture and Welfare in his third cabinet. During this time she was also temporarily acting as a representative of Prime Minister Mintoff.

President of Malta

After several rounds of voting and a three-month interim presidency of Albert Hyzler Agatha Barbara was elected on 16 February 1982 the first woman President of Malta. This position she held until the end of the five-year constitutional term of office on 15 February 1987.


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  • President ( Malta)
  • Labour Minister (Malta )
  • Member of the House of Representatives (Malta )
  • Born in 1923
  • Died in 2002
  • Woman