Agdistis bennetii

Agdistis bennetii is a butterfly (moth ) from the family of the spring moths ( Pterophoridae ).

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The moths reach a wingspan from 24 to 30 millimeters and are gray -brown. The area between the wing folds is paler than the ground color. On the Costa loader, there are no stains, located along the dorsal edge of the wing fold four spots. The fourth spot is in this case closer to the Costa loader than the third, sometimes they are also merged. The moths have a very characteristic resting position, in which the narrow folded wings are held at an angle to the front, while the body is lifted by the long front legs.

The Valven of the male genitals are mutually asymmetrical. The cost alarms are large and separated from the Valven. The saccule is also divided. The uncus is bilobed, each lobe is provided with three to four teeth. The ostium of the female genitals is simple, the antrum is in the form of a straight tube. The proximal edge of the eighth Tergits is dented, the Apophyses anterior missing.

Similar Species

  • Agdistis intermedia Caradja, 1920 is a closely related species which can be distinguished only on the basis of the genitalia of bennetii Agdistis.


Agdistis bennetii is located on the coasts of England, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Albania and the former Yugoslavia. One finds the butterfly in salt marshes where the food plants thrive. Rare specimens are also found inland.

Way of life

The larvae of Agdistis bennetii eat in the Netherlands and England at the ordinary beach Lilac ( Limonium vulgare) as well as Limonium binervosum and hybrids that grow in gardens. They feed on the underside of leaves, where they pupate. The moths are nocturnal and are attracted to the light.

Flight times and caterpillars

Agdistis bennetii forms two generations a year, flying from mid-May to early July and mid-July to mid-September.



From the literature bennetii following synonyms are known for Agdistis:

  • Adactyla bennetii Curtis, 1833