Agdistis salsolae

Agdistis salsolae is a butterfly (moth ) from the family of the spring moths ( Pterophoridae ).

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The moths reach a wingspan of 16-18 millimeters and are gray -brown. The front wings are speckled along the outer edge of wing with dark scales. Are located on the Costa loader four spots, three spots are located along the dorsal margin of the alar fold.

The Valven of the male genitals are mutually asymmetrical. The left Valve is provided with four membranous attachments, and a simple cost alarm. The right Valve has four distally directed membranous attachments, another pointing towards the Valve basis. The aedeagus is provided with numerous small spines. The ostium of the female genitals is nearly flat. The antrum is very wide, about one and a half times as long as wide and narrows slightly. The Begattungsgang ( ductus bursae ) is provided with a sclerotized plate. The Apophyses anteriores are short.


Agdistis salsolae is resident in the Canary Islands.

Way of life

The food plant of the caterpillars is the salt herb Salsola oppositifolia.

Flight times and caterpillars

Agdistis salsolae flies in three generations, March-April, June-July and October.



From the literature, the following are synonyms for Agdistis salsolae known:

  • Agdistis pinkeri Bigot, 1972


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