Agenor (disambiguation)

Agenor is in Greek mythology:

  • Agenor ( Phoenicia ), the king of Phoenicia, the son of Poseidon and father of Europe
  • Agenor ( father of Sipylos ), with Dioxippe father of Sipylos, after a mountain was named
  • Agenor (son of Aegyptus ), son of Aegyptus, husband of Danaide Euippe or Cleopatra
  • Agenor (son of Triopas ), son of Triopas, brother of Iasos and father of Krotopas
  • Agenor (son of Pleuron ), son of Pleuron and Xanthippe
  • Agenor (son of Phegeus ), son of Phegeus
  • Agenor, son of Amphion and Niobe, see Niobe ( mythology)
  • Agenor (son of Antenor ), son of Antenor and Theano the
  • Agenor (son of Areus ), son of Areus, father of Preugenes
  • Agenor, father of Demodoke, see Demodoke
  • Agenor (son of Akestor ), son of Akestor and father of Olios

Agenor continues:

  • Agenor ( first name ), a male first name
  • ( 1873), Agenor, an asteroid
  • A European retail cooperation, see Alidis

Agenor is the surname of the following persons:

  • Ronald Agenor (born 1964 ), Haitian and American tennis player
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