Agenzia Fides

Fides (Italian: Agenzia Fides ) is a missionary news agency of the Catholic Church. It was founded for the evangelization on 5 June 1927 as one of the first news agencies worldwide at the initiative of the Pontifical Society. Its seat is in the Palazzo de Propaganda Fide in the Vatican City. Current director is Professor Luca de Mata.

His service is used in Italian, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Arabic. The up to five daily latest news with photographs and an established since 1997 Archives consist principally of messages from non-European continents. The news is not only intended for publication in missionary magazines, but also for the non- missionary in the true sense of the press worldwide.

Fides appeared until 1998 print edition. Since then there Fides online with its own website. The photo archive is also available in digital form and includes approximately 10,000 photographs documenting the history of the Catholic missions.

On the main website Agenzia Fides publishes, among others, general statistics and a list of pastoral workers, priests and lay people who were killed as martyrs. The News consist of articles, dossiers, Special Section, Mission prayer intention, acts of Hl.Stuhls, appointments and book reviews.