Aggersund Bridge

56.9994639.294012Koordinaten: 56 ° 59 ' 58.1 "N, 9 ° 17' 38.4 " E


Aggersund in the Limfjord

The Aggersundbroen (Danish for " the Aggersundbrücke ") is an arc and bascule bridge in northern Denmark, which leads over the Limfjord. The bridge is located in the municipality Vesthimmerlands and there connects the Himmerlands peninsula with the North Jutland island of Vendsyssel -Thy. When the building was completed in 1942, it replaced the ferry service between the North Løgstør and Aggersund. On the two-lane road bridge, the highway Primærrute 29, which runs from Hobro to Hanstholm and is traveled there from about 6,900 vehicles daily runs (as of 2011 ).

Between the two arches are two flaps that can be opened by the bridge personnel for maritime traffic. The ships, most of which go to and from Aalborg, there is a passage width of 30 meters.


The initiative for the planning of a bridge over the Aggersund went in the 1920s from Løgstører citizens. They convened a committee which drew up a series of proposals for a fixed link. However, dissent over the route and lack of funding prevented the further planning. It was only after a visit of the Minister of Public Works, Niels Peder Fisker, in 1936, the planning process progressed again. Although the draft of the present bridge was approved in 1938, a year later, construction began.

Because of its position carried the offices of Aalborg, Hjørring and Thisted to the financing, what an inscription on two cross beams reminiscent under the bridge arches. At the inauguration of the bridge on June 18, 1942 armed soldiers of the German occupying forces were present. The occupiers built on the southern side a series of bunkers to observe from there the bridge and the traffic can. Some of these bunkers have been preserved until today.