Aghul people

The Agulier or Aguls (Russian Агулы ) are a Caucasian people. They live mainly in the autonomous republic of Dagestan in Russia. According to the last census in 2010, the nation has 28,054 members in Dagestan and ( approximately 1%) and in Russia 34 160, thus it is one of the smallest nations in Russia. The majority of Agulier are Sunni Muslims.

The language of Agulier belongs to the northeastern group of the Caucasian languages. It was divided into the following dialects: Keren, Koschan and Gechun. In addition, all mastered the Russian language and in some families the Azerbaijani language and the Lesgische language will be used.

Their main settlement area is the basin of the rivers Churagchaj and Kurakh in the mountains Süddagestans. Approximately 67% of Aguls live in the country - in the majority in Rajon Agul where they represent about 90 % of the population. Other residential areas are the places Schamchal, Tyube, and the cities of Makhachkala, Derbent and Dagestanskije Ogni.

The Agulier has always lived by agriculture and animal husbandry, lately also working more and more in industry


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