The AGM -131 SRAM II ( Short-Range Attack Missile ) was an air - to-ground missile the Boeing Company with nuclear warhead. You should replace the AGM -69 SRAM. As a result of geopolitical changes with the end of the Cold War and because of technical problems, the program was canceled.

Originally, the plan for the SRAM II began in 1977 under the name of AGM- 69B SRAM B. They should be used by the Rockwell B -1A. However, when on 30 June 1977, the then U.S. President Jimmy Carter stopped the B -1A program, this was the end for the SRAM B. In 1981 it was decided that the B-1 to B-1B develop. The development contract was awarded in 1986 the Boeing Company. There, however, they did not want to fall back on the old AGM- 69, but they developed a completely new air -to-ground missile. The AGM -131 should be not only smaller but also more easier and simpler than the AGM -69. It was planned that a B-1B could carry 36 AGM- 131.

Although few SRAM II were produced, they still developed the AGM- 131B SRAM -T ( SRAM Tactical ). This variant should be used by the F- 15E Strike Eagle. She graduated first test starts before both programs have been discontinued along with the development of nuclear warheads W89 and W91 in September 1991 by U.S. President George HW Bush.