In 1992, the U.S. Air Force created as a result of a study, a concept for a new tactical air -to-ground missile. This AGM should be able to be fired up of large and low altitudes. Also, different species should be attacked targets. Furthermore, it should be possible to equip them with two different warhead and seeker head types ( TV / infrared). The communication between AGM and aircraft should run over a two-way connection. This allowed the weapons system officer to correct the trajectory after the start of the AGM. Platforms as the F-16 and B-1B were selected.

In October 1992, the names XAGM - 153A - 153B and XAGM was reserved for this air -to-ground missile. But while further studies on the manufacturer selection and the life the AGM -153 program was canceled. The exact reasons why the program has been stopped, are not known, but it is believed that the AGM -153 was discontinued in favor of the AGM -142 Popeye / Have Nap. This is suggested that the concept of the AGM -153 very strong in some variants of the AGM -142 is similar.