The AGM -63 was an anti-radar air -to-ground missile, which never got beyond the planning stage.

The project was launched in March 1962, when the U.S. Navy found a need for two anti-radar missiles ( ARM). These should be the AGM -45 Shrike, which only has a short range, supplement. The first ( ARM I) should have a range of up to 90 km, while the second (ARM II) should have a range of over 180 km. The development of the ARM I was approved in 1963, it was the name given ZAGM - 63A. However, the available funds were used for other ARM programs such as the AGM- 45 Shrike improvement. The development of the AGM -78 Standard ARM and AGM -88 HARM was also considered much more important and urgent than a completely new development.

The development of the AGM- 63 was continued for several years, especially in the theoretical field. Neither a prototype or a shell have been tested in practice. The project was finally completed at the beginning of the year 1970.