Agnes of Brandenburg, Duchess of Pomerania

Agnes of Brandenburg (* July 17, 1584 in Berlin, † March 26 1629 in the castle Neuhaus an der Elbe) was a princess of Brandenburg and by marriage successively Duchess of Pomerania and Duchess of Saxe- Lauenburg.


Agnes, from the house of Hohenzollern, was a daughter of the Elector of Brandenburg, Johann Georg (1525-1598) from his third marriage to Elizabeth of Anhalt (1563-1607), daughter of Prince Joachim Ernst von Anhalt.

She married her first husband on June 25, 1604 in Berlin, Duke Philip Julius of Pomerania - Wolgast ( 1584-1625 ). The marriage remained childless. Principal residence of the Duke pair was the residential palace Wolgast. One in Udars on the island of Rügen newly created Vorwerk was named Agnisenhof after her. In 1615, Agnes took on request of her husband in the financing of the mint in Pommern.

After the death of Philip Julius ' Agnes lived on her promised dowry, the Office Barth. The service as their privy councilor and captain to Barth knew Dubslaff Christoph von Eickstedt on Rothenklempenow, former Councillor of her husband. At Castle Barth Agnes married for the second time on September 9, 1628 Duke Francis Charles of Saxe-Lauenburg ( 1594-1660 ), who as a general in the imperial service. With the marriage, she lost her right to Barth, but her new, ten years younger husband left by Wallenstein Prince Bogusław XIV force to continue to leave the jointure Agnes until her death.

Both marriages of Agnes had remained childless.

Pictures of Agnes of Brandenburg, Duchess of Pomerania