Agnes of Brunswick-Grubenhagen

Agnes II of Brunswick - Grubenhagen ( * ca summer 1406, † November 18, 1439 ) was from 1412 to 1439 abbess of the pen Gander home.


She was a daughter of Erich I. (Braunschweig - Grubenhagen ). Even as a child she was chosen as abbess. Later, the Pope indeed confirmed the choice of the minor Agnes, gave her but a dean of the pen as guardian. As of 1425, Agnes certificates without guardian of. She was buried in the collegiate church.


In the context of Welf inheritance and the extinction of the noble lords of Homburg she transferred Otto II (Braunschweig -Göttingen ) castle and town Gander home and the castles Seesen and Stauffenburg, and William I (Braunschweig -Wolfenbüttel ) the Asseburg, Gifhorn, castle and city ​​of Lüneburg, castle Greene, Lüthorst, half the fief of Homburg, the Burg Lauenstein and goods of the former county of Wernigerode.

They also took care of the monastery property in Kalkum.