Agostino Steuco

Agostino Steuco (also Augustine Steuchus, epithet Eugubinus; * 1496 or 1497 () in Gubbio, Umbria; ? † 18 () March 1548 in Venice ) was an Italian bishop, scholar and philosopher.

Life and work

Steucho occurred about 1512 in Gubbio in the Order of Augustinian canons one. He studied especially languages ​​(Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Syriac, Arabic, Ethiopic ) at the University of Bologna. From 1525 to 1529 he managed the library of Cardinal Domenico Grimani ( 1461-1523 ) in Venice. He was prior of S. Marco then.

In 1538 he became Bishop of Kissamos ( Crete) and on October 27, 1538 Librarian of the Vatican Library. In 1546 he participated as a Council Father at the Council of Trent.


  • Perenni De philosophia. Lyon, 1540

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