Agricultural Research Service

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS ) is an organization of the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States (United States Department of Agriculture, USDA ) for agricultural research and working on research projects on agricultural issues, which are of high national importance. In addition, the Agricultural Research Service provides information from the field of agricultural research prepared for both scientists and the general public. In 2012, the Agricultural Research Service working on 800 research projects under the 18 state programs. Employees were scientists in 2200 and 6200 more employees. The Agricultural Research Service maintains more than 90 research institutions, some of them outside of America. The budget for the year 2012 was 1.1 billion U.S. dollars. Seat of the Authority 's Washington, D.C.

With its projects and its information offered by the Agricultural Research Service has the following objectives:

  • Ensuring the production of wholesome, high-quality food and agricultural products
  • Evaluation of the nutritional requirements of the Americans
  • Ensuring a bet petitive Agriculture
  • Promoting the natural resources and the environment
  • Creation of economic opportunities for rural communities and their residents

The Agricultural Research Service is one of four organizations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with the topic of research, training and Economics ( Research, Education and Economics, REE) are entrusted. The others are the National Institute of Food and Agriculture ( NIFA ), the Economic Research Service (ERS ) and the National Agricultural Statistics Service ( NASS). Current director is Edward B. Knipling.