Aguascalientes Municipality

21.833333333333 - 102.25Koordinaten: 21 ° 50 'N, 102 ° 15 ' W

Aguascalientes is the name of the southernmost of the eleven Municipalities of the eponymous Mexican state of Aguascalientes. Administrative seat and largest city of Municipalities is the city of Aguascalientes, which is also the state capital. In addition, located in the municipality of Aguascalientes more than 500 other villages, are the most populous Pocitos and Villa Jesús Terán Licenciado.

The municipality has 797 010 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​1181.24 km ². It borders the Municipalities Calvillo, Jesús María, San Francisco de los Romo, Asientos and El Llano and on the south by the state of Jalisco.