Ahanta West District

The district Ahanta West is located in southwest Ghana in the Western Region on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Takoradi, the second largest port city of Ghana. Ahanta West comprises the southernmost point of Ghana and is one of the wettest areas of the country. The original rain forest remains, however, obtained only in the Cape Three Points Forest Reserve. The name of the district derives from the people living here the Ahanta.


The district is dominated by agriculture, 59 % of the population work in agriculture, mostly as small farmers. Most important agricultural trade products are coconut oil, palm oil and rubber. Livestock is of lesser importance. On the coast fishing is done. With several kilometers of sandy beach and the ancient fortifications of Dixcove (Fort Metal Cross, formerly British or Dutch), United Friedrichsburg (former Brandenburg- Prussian ) and the Fort Batensteyn in place Butre there are some tourist attractions of economic importance for the corresponding locations here.


There is a dense network of roads in the district, but 90 % of these roads are gravel roads. Only two roads in the district are paved: The main road from the neighboring Takoradi to Agona Nkwanta in the district capital, and from there a branch in tourist places Dixcove and Busua on the coast. In Agona Nkwanta some private phone shops are operated and in Busua there is the possibility to make phone calls with a radio telephone. 29 villages are connected to the electricity grid. Apowa, Funkoe, Amanfulkuma and Kejabi are supplied with running water from water pipes. 90 % of the villages, however, get their water from wells equipped with pumps. In Dixcove there is a district hospital, and there are six health centers in the district.

29 pre-schools, 46 primary schools and 23 junior secondary schools (eg for the 12 to 15 years) are available in Ahanta West, also two Senior Secondary Schools ( as for the 15 to 18 years ) and as a secondary educational institution a " Vocational training Centre " in Abura. The literacy rate of the population is high for Ghanaian relations, especially in the villages.

Villages in West Ahanta

  • Apowa
  • Dixcove
  • Abura
  • Agona Fie
  • Beahu
  • Akatachi
  • Princes Town
  • Funko
  • Kejabill
  • Ewusiejo
  • Hotopo
  • Egyam
  • Adjua
  • Aboadi
  • Egyambra
  • New Amanful
  • Busua
  • Butre
  • Yabiw
  • Akwidaa Newtown